a unique event venue/reception hall


The Quonset has limited parking in the front of the building, which includes handicapped spaces and handicapped ramp. Additional on-site parking is available on the east side of the building located on 179 South Main Street on both the south and north sides of the building. A connecting sidewalk runs the length of the building on the north side for easy access to the front door of the Quonset.  Check out pictures of parking lots on the Contact page.

reception/event rental rate information

capacity -  up to 220 for Rounds style seating AND RECTANGULAR SEATING FOR 260 

  • Weekend Venue fee: attendees 20 - 220 seated - 50% of total rental fee is required to reserve your date - Total Venue fee $3,200 Friday, $3,000 Sunday, and $3,600 Saturday. Weekend rentals are for the day from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. Holiday rate may apply.
  • Monday through Thursday - Basic Five (5) hour Venue fee: attendees 20 - 220 seated - 50% of total rental fee is required to reserve your date - Total Venue fee $1,000 per event (additional hours $200 per hour) - Day rate $2,000 (9:00 a.m. to midnight).
  • Monday through Thursday - Non-Profit Basic Five (5) hour Venue fee: attendees 20 - 220 seated - 50% of total rental fee is required to reserve your date - Total Venue fee $850 (additional hours $150 per hour) - must provide 501 (c) 3.
  • Sound System rental only - $300 per event
  • Sound System, Projector & Screen rental - $400 per event
  • Projector rental only (no sound) - $200 per event.
  • Bar Rentals: 60" - $95.00 (space for one bartender), 72" - $150.00 (space for two bartenders/beverage attendants), 72" w/topper - $175.00
  • Table rental: $6.00 any size (the Quonset has (17) 60" rounds; (12) 72" rounds; (1) 48" round; (6) 6 ft. tables; (5) 8 ft. tables; and (7) 30" bistro)
  • Black chiavari chair rental: $4.00 (the Quonset has 210 chiavari chairs)

frequently asked questions


  • What is the capacity?
    Round table seating - 220 and Rectangular seating - 260

  • How many hours is the venue rental?
    *Basic rental - five (5) hours which includes set-up one (1) hour, the event (3) three hours and clean-up one (1) hour. If additional hours are needed or if you go over the five (5) hours, there may be additional fee charges.
    NOTE: rental times vary depending on the type of rental. One hour for set-up and one hour for pick-up/clean-up will be included in the rental fee. Any additional hours may be charged additional fees.

  • What is the rental fee and balance policy?
    A signed contract and 50% of the total rental fee is required to reserve your date (s) and time (s). The balance of your facility rental fee is due one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to your event.  Any additional costs that arise will be due within two (2) days of your event. No refunds of the facility rental fees will be paid within one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to an event, as your agreement to rent the Quonset on this date may cause the loss of additional bookings or business. Half of the payment made is refunded if cancellation is more than one hundred and twenty (120) days from the event date, and all but $200 will be refunded if the Quonset is able to re-book the date at the published rates.

  • Does the Quonset allow alcohol in the facility?
    Yes, you can serve alcohol with a licensed caterer/ABC licensed bartender, but you can not SELL alcohol without a permit from the Town of Collierville and a licensed caterer or ABC licensed bartender. You are allowed to have alcohol at non-ticketed events with a licensed caterer or ABC licensed bartender. Alcohol can not be sold either directly or through ticked events. The Quonset requires proof of license of the licensed alcohol server and an event insurance policy naming the Quonset as additional insured.
  • Is there a dance area?
    Yes, the tables can be arranged to accommodate a dance area. The floors are smooth - stained concrete, so no additional flooring is required.

  • Is there a kitchen?
    Yes, the Quonset provides a catering kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer, warmers, sinks and plenty of counter/prep space for the caterer.
  • How many restrooms are there?
    The Quonset has a separate ladies and gentleman's restroom with three stalls and two sinks on each side.
  • Is there a changing/brides room?
    Yes, the room size is 10' X 16' with mirrors and seating. Also, a second 10' X 16' room with seating.
  • What is the cleaning policy?
    Clients and their suppliers/vendors are responsible for the removal of all items brought into the Quonset and for ensuring adequate cleanliness. All trash must be placed in sealed bags and placed in the trash bin at the conclusion of the event. Tables and chairs belonging to the Quonset must be free of food and properly cleaned. The catering area must be swept and damp mopped at the conclusion of the event.There is a check list posted in the kitchen to assistance with the cleaning process.

  • Does the Quonset provide tables, chairs or any other rental items?
    The Quonset has tables and chairs for rent.  Listed above are the costs and the additional items for rent. 

  • Does the Quonset allow outside catering?
    Yes, you are allowed to bring in any caterer that you desire. There are no hidden fees or outside costs associated with doing so. Most people really like this because most venues will charge you a fee to use outside catering and/or have a limited list of caterers you must use. The Quonset does not have any of these restrictions

  • Can you have the wedding and reception in the Quonset?
    Yes, we can set the room up for the wedding on one side. The tables will be set-up on the other side so that you can place linens and centerpieces on them earlier in the day. We have one staff person that can help with the flip along with your caterer.